Your Images, Video, and 8mm film is transferred to DVD…What Now?
Home Movie Depot Premium Custom Editing Services

Let Us Take Your Home Movies to the Next Level

Sometimes transferring your images, video and 8mm film to DVD isn’t enough. That is why we provide a variety of custom editing services to fit your needs.

Color Correction

We accomplish advanced color correction, taking the reels of your choice and reviving their color to achieve an excellent result! Aren't sure? Take a look at this Before/After footage:

For the low price of $99.00 per disc, we will take up to 1500 ft. (one DVD) of film and manually correct the color to make those old movies feel new again!

The price includes 1 color corrected DVD, and shipping of this item right to your doorstep.

This offer is only available for film orders.

Highlight DVD’s

Why edit your home movies when we can do it for you? If you have large quantities of film and/or videotapes, but only want to show off the good stuff, we can help! Every job is different, so give us a call for more details.

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