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We Are Committed to Preserving Your 8mm Film to DVD Through Conversion

Home Movie Depot has been safeguarding memories for more than a decade! We are also the leading online 8mm film to DVD conversion company, thanks to the trust that our customers have placed in us. Feel free to read their testimonials.

Super 8 Film to DVD Conversion Safety Tips

  • The safest way to preserve your 8mm, 16mm and Super 8 film is conversion to DVD, hard drive, or flash drive. Every day you wait, your film reels are deteriorating.
  • We highly recommend that when sending us your precious memories, you use a shipping provider such as FedEx or UPS that will provide you with a tracking number.
  • You should have at least two backups of your family’s home movies, in different locations in case of an emergency. We recommend that you purchase an External Hard Drive along with your transfer for archiving purposes.

Snap & Track™ Technology Keeps Your 8mm Film Transfer Safe

super 8mm to dvd conversion

We know that when you send us your 8mm film, videotapes, and images for transfer, you trust us to protect them as our own. Every step of our process is geared towards the safety of your precious home movies.

First, we bar code each piece of media as it arrives, photograph and weigh each order before it goes into production. Second, when it is completed, we check it again. Home Movie Depot has trained technicians observing your media as it is transferred, and use FedEx delivery services exclusively in order to ensure that your home movies are safely returned to you.

Archiving Options For Super 8 movies, In Addition To DVD’s

  • At the very least, you should have an extra copy of the transfer of your super 8 movies to DVD, so that if one set is damaged, the other is available.
  • Have your media transferred to an external hard drive. This will ensure higher quality, and less compressed files than what are available on DVD’s. It also ensures that you will be ready for future formats. It is perfect for editing.
  • Visit Wikipedia's 8mm film history and preservation pages for more information on film and how to properly store it after home movie transfer.
  • We recommend visiting The Association of Moving Image Archivists for expert advice on how to preserve the actual film once it has been digitized.

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