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Over a Decade of Experience in 8mm Film to DVD Transfer

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While some 8mm film transfer to DVD services are still employing equipment introduced in the 1970's for film transfer, Home Movie Depot uses customized transfer equipment designed by our very own engineers.

You can relax in the knowledge that 8mm film transfer is our specialty, and we won't depend on outdated equipment to get the job done. We use only the latest technology and engineering, which allows us to produce the world's finest film transfer.

We Transfer your 8mm to DVD in High Quality

At Home Movie Depot we have been transferring people’s 8mm film to DVD for over ten years! Our experienced technicians complete high quality film transfers for customers from around the world everyday. It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of quality, customization and safety while keeping our services affordable.

Before it is transferred, each reel of film is cleaned and the splices are repaired. If you send small 3” reels, we will splice them together. Our custom engineered telecine machines pass the light image of the movie film directly into a professional video camera. No frosted glass is used. Even our premium transfer process uses a Sony 3CCD camera. Once the camera has picked up the image it goes out from the camera and into a computer – no video tape intermediary is involved. We also remove any long blank spots or black spots.

Every order is unique and we encourage each customer to be a part of the transfer process. Our Snap & Track Technology™ ensures the safety of your film from the time it reaches our facility.

We Offer Premium Quality 8mm Film to DVD Transfer

Premium Quality

Home Movie Depot uses Broadcast quality 3 CCD cameras originally designed for television news and medical imaging to accomplish your 8mm to DVD conversion. We use only the highest quality lenses to provide an image that meets and far exceeds those found on Camcorders. Read more about our film transfer process.

Expert Quality

Expert film transfer utilizes the newest advancements in high-definition cameras to digitize your 8mm and super8 film.

Our Expert film transfer combines the best of the viewing and editing benefits. We capture the film footage with a High-Definition camera.

The Expert transfers will be put onto a standard format DVD. The DVD will be excellent for viewing because of the high definition camera that captured the files. If you would like to edit the footage at home, a hard drive is the ideal output media. If you order a hard drive with your Expert transfer, you will receive high bitrate MPEG-4 files.

When We Transfer your 8mm Film to DVD, We Stand Behind Our Work

If you've got one reel or hundreds, you can feel confident that when we convert your film to DVD, each order we transfer receives the same individual care. We are proud to have the opportunity to work on orders everyday from across the U.S. and from around the world! Feel free to review our guarantees and policies

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