Transferring Your 8mm, 16mm Film, Videos,
and Images to DVD is Easy!

Our Process is Safe and Secure

We know how important and scary it can be to send off your precious memories and movies to a company. That is why we designed the most effective and safe way for you to get your movies digitized and safely returned. Our safe and secure methods make transferring your 8mm, 16mm film, videos, and images to DVD easy.

Place Your Order Online
  • Choose from our Easy Box or itemized ordering.
  • Pay for the order online, including shipping back to you.
  • Go to the shipping provider of your choice, pick up a box.

Gather Your Media
  • Place your media in zip-lock bags.
  • Pack the box tight to give it extra strength and avoid damage.
  • Put the sheet with your order number on it inside the box.

Ship it to Home Movie Depot
  • Take your box to the shipping provider of your choice.
  • Send it to:
    Home Movie Depot
    7998 Centerpoint Drive
    Suite 600
    Indianapolis, IN

Your Media is Carefully Transferred
  • We will open your box and check your media into our system.
  • Each item is bar coded and photographed for safety and tracking.
  • You will receive an email notifying you of the order’s receipt.
  • Your order’s status will be available to you online throughout processing.

Digital Media and Originals Returned
  • Upon completion, your new DVD’s and original media will be shipped back to you.
  • You will receive an email notifying you when the order ships, and your tracking number will be made available to you.

Edit Share and Enjoy!
  • If you ordered a hard drive or flash drive, you can edit your movies and create personalized DVDs using the h.264 files on the drive.
  • Gather your family and enjoy your digitized home movies on DVD.

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