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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Film

Top Questions About Our Film Transfer Services

Below are common questions we get about our film transfer process. If your questions are not answered below please feel free to contact us.

You can also find frequently asked questions about our Video Transfer, Image Scanning, Flat Fee Easy Box, and Hard Drives. Or return to our General FAQ page.


What types of films do you convert?

We specialize in 8mm film, Super8 film, and 16mm film. Optical and magnetic sound will transfer with the footage.

  • All Super 8 Sound Film will be transferred with Expert Quality. Your order will be adjusted as needed.
  • All 16 mm Film will be transferred with Premium Quality. Your order will be adjusted as needed.
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How many feet of film fit on a DVD?

With our process, we can generally fit up to 1500 feet of film on a DVD. But don't be too concerned about this, as the price of the DVD's is included in the price of the transfer. This means that no matter how many feet of film you send, we will provide the number of DVD's necessary to complete your order.

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How many minutes of footage are on my film reels?

The running time for 8mm film, Super8 film are approximately:
3" reel (50 feet) 2-3 minutes
4" reel (100 feet) 5-6 minutes
5" reel (200 feet) 12-14 minutes
6" reel (300 feet) 19-22 minutes
7" reel (400 feet) 26-29 minutes

16mm film running time will be approximately half of 8mm film or super8 film.

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What is the difference between your two transfer methods?

We provide you with two wonderful methods for preserving your memories - Premium and Expert. View a comparison of these methods.

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My film box says I have 25 foot reels. What do I do?

If you look again at the box your film is in, you will see that it says you have "Double 8mm" film. What this means is: your film is of a certain type that was actually twice as wide and had exposure on both sides of its cartridge. You shot one side of the film, then flipped the cartridge around and shot on the other side of the film. So, during developing the 25 foot double 8mm reels were split down the middle and spliced end to end. The result being a 50 foot reel of 8mm film. When placing your order, simply count this as a 3" reel (50 feet).

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What is the best way to preserve my home movies?

We recommend that you transfer your film to a DVD and/or a hard drive. A hard drive will allow you to easily make copies of your transfer. The best way to preserve your home movies is to make multiple copies and give them to as many people as possible!

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