Home Movie Depot, Inc. Becomes Digital Transfer Provider for Motionbox

Online Digitization Provider Acquires New Partner

ASHLAND, Mo., May 21, 2008 — Home Movie Depot, Inc. - the nations largest online destination where consumers and professional videographers have their family movies digitized to DVDs -is proud to announce its partnership with Motionbox, Inc.- the family video site that makes it easy for consumers to store, mix, and share their videos. Motionbox can now offer Home Movie Depot digitization services to all Motionbox customers through HomeMovieDepot.com.

“Taking video with analog cameras, HD camcorders or digital cameras has been always been easy. But, Home Movie Depot strives to provide the simplest way to enjoy those memories after they are captured” says Gerald McKinney, president of Home Movie Depot. “Motionbox joins us in helping people get those old movies out of storage, digitized, and shared with friends and family.”

Motionbox customers currently can share their new movies through their laptop, iPod, or PC. However, Motionbox services were limited to footage originally shot with a digital camera. Starting now, customers will be able to incorporate their analog media including 8mm and 16mm films; Beta and VHS tapes into their Motionbox account. Customers will simply click the digitize button, fill out the order form, and send the media to Home Movie Depot for digitization. Home Movie Depot will digitize the movies, send the customer back a DVD and/or hard drive of the digital files, and at the customer’s request, automatically upload the files to the customer’s Motionbox account, ready for sharing.

About Home Movie Depot

HomeMovieDepot (www.HomeMovieDepot.com) is an online destination where consumers can have their analog media (slides, photos, negatives, 8mm, 16mm, VHS, Betamax, etc.) professionally digitized into DVDs or other digital formats then share those formats with family and friends all over the world. When converting video to DVD or transferring 8mm or 16mm film to a hard drive, you're taking the first step in joining the home-movie community. With a mission to unify friends and family in the celebration of home movies, Home Movie Depot wants you to have fun with your memories. Home Movie Depot is proud to have been spotlighted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Parade, Yahoo TV9, and Consumer Reports. Most recently, the company has opened a new location in Xalapa, Veracruz in Mexico for servicing the Latin American market. (www.HomeMovieDepot.com.mx).


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About Motionbox

Motionbox provides families with a powerful and comprehensive set of online tools, which allow them to easily upload, manage, store, and share their personal video memories. Consumers choose between two membership options, free with limited storage, mixing and uploading capabilities and premium with unlimited storage, downloadable options. Motionbox also offers hard-good products that allow consumers to enjoy personal videos beyond devices and computers. Based in New York City, Motionbox was founded by media and technology industry veterans with years of experience in streaming media, social networking and subscription Internet products. Visit www.motionbox.com for more information.

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